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Dos Equis


Everyone has their own opinion regarding things in their life. Whether they decide to express it or not depends on them. One thing I’ve been noticing via social media and on a platform level, in general, is people tell half-truths. They give you one side of the truth and it’s usually the side of the truth that’s the most comforting. It’s the side you want to hear. The “Nothing is wrong with what you’re doing, just stay positive and everything will be okay” side of the truth. It’s the positive side of the truth as oppose to the negative side. People, whether relationship coaches, authors, or bloggers with platforms say what their audience wants to hear in order to avoid losing their audience. The problem with that is it puts the need for self-accountability on the back burner. I decided to do a post strictly on the other side of overdoing it in the dating field, from a man’s perspective.