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Pulling often comes from resistance. Resistance meaning that an object does not want to move on its own. There are many of us who carry excess baggage that doesn’t want to move, everyday. That excess baggage can be friends, family, co-workers, business partners, or associates in general. The issue with resistance is that it normally requires that person(s) who is doing the pulling to use countless amounts of energy, while the individual(s) who are resisting get dragged along to reap the same rewards as the person who is pulling. Imagine how much easier that individual(s) who is pulling would be able to move if they stopped and let go of the resisting individual(s.)

Too Much Pulling

You hear words like “loyalty” and “ride or die” used in society often. The term “ride or die” is specifically tossed around because somewhere in a relationship/friendship, one of the parties involved is bringing more to the table (pulling) and the other party is reaping the benefits without making steps to progress (resisting.) The term is mainly used by the individual(s) whom are doing the resisting. At some point, we have to make an important decision in our lives that pertains to whether the people in our life are encouraging and aiding our progress, or if they’re halting and stopping our progress.

If you are on the road towards success and focused on achieving goals, you have to cut the act of pulling down to a minimum. You cannot expedite your success if you’re pulling people along with you. While it is possible to become successful when pulling people along with you, there is a disadvantage. That disadvantage is having done all of the work to accomplish your goals and success and the individual(s) who you were pulling eventually reap those same rewards with little to no work being put forth.

It comes a time in life where we have to determine whether or not we want to dismiss words and terms like “loyalty” and “Ride or die.” The word loyalty means to stand by, but you cannot stand by an individual if you’re pulling them. You will always be ahead while their dragging behind. Under the definition of loyalty, you will not see the word pull. You can “lead” individuals to accomplishing success and goals. Leading means you are taking an individual(s) somewhere with you, but they’re not resistant to aiding you in achieving goals and success. You are only a leader when people want to follow you. People who are resistant do not want to follow, they rather stay in idle and be pulled along. Too many times we let loyalty and ride or die halt us from cutting people who are resistant to achieving goals and success out of our lives. There comes a time when a decision has to be made, that decision is do you wanna pull or do you want to lead?

Darnell R. Mckinnon

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