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There was a 14-year-old boy who was seeking advice for a bike that he wanted  to purchase with money he made during the Fall (raking leaves.) He saved over $350. There were 4 people who the boy sought out for advice. His dad was the first person whose advice was sought. There was Mr. Riley, his next door neighbor that often fixed bikes for other kids in the neighborhood. There was Paul, the popular BMX rider that lived in the neighborhood and had a collection of five different bikes, and then there was the salesman at the bike store where the boy was planning on purchasing his bike. The boy took Mr. Riley’s advice to heart, because Mr. Riley had the most experience with bikes. After all, he fixed bikes for other kids in the neighborhood for years. The boy figured that Mr. Riley’s advice is sound. Mr. Riley told the boy to purchase a Mountain bike and stated that the boy would be able to ride the bike as an adult. The boy’s dad was also experienced with bikes. He was a financial advisor and often gave kids in the neighborhood advice on how to manage their money. He told his son to purchase a bike that is less than $100, so he will have extra money to purchase protection gear such as a helmet. Paul told the boy to purchase a Haro 200 Series bike, because it was the same kind as one of the bikes in his collection. The salesman at the bike store told the boy that he would spend most of his money by purchasing a Haro 200 Series. He told the boy that it would be wise if he chose a bike that was less in price if we wanted money left over. The boy ignored the advice of the salesman, his dad, and Mr. Riley. He took Paul’s advice and purchased the Haro 200 Series. He had no money left over to buy the protection gear. The bike was a BMX bike, so he wouldn’t be able to ride the bike as an adult. The boy eventually outgrew his bike, and when he looked back on it, he wished that he took the advice of his dad, the salesman, and Mr. Riley. He admitted that he only went with Paul’s advice because Paul had popular status as a BMX Biker. He eventually chalked it up as a lesson learned that experience and results sometimes outweigh status. (more…)