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Always have something to look forward to


This post is for anyone in a rough patch, feeling down about life, or just need some encouragement. I really don’t have anything extra to say.


Always have something to look forward to

Everyone experiences rough patches or times where they’re feeling down and discouraged. If you’re a young adult or older adult, I’m sure you’ve experienced these feelings multiple times throughout your life. Whether it was the pressure of school, work, family, peers, or anything else that would cause you to feel down about life or get down on yourself, everyone has experienced some type of discouragement or down times.

While it may not solve all of your issues, having something to look forward to can boost your mood and spark the process of getting out of your rough patch. If school; is the cause of your discouragement, look forward to the rewards and extra livelihood benefits that are going to come along with having your degree or certificate. If it’s your love life, think of how good things will be once you meet someone you truly desire and connect with on all levels. Those thoughts of having something to look forward to can be the spark you need. If your finances are what’s causing you to feel down, put a financial plan in place and practice patience. While practicing patience, think of how great things are going to be once you get on track financially.

I’m still learning in life. There’s a lot I don’t know. I learn something new every day. What I do know is having something to look forward to has helped me get out of some discouraging times and rough patches. Find what you’re passionate about. It can be something as small as a TV show that comes on at the end of the week. If you’re having a tough week, think about how much you’re going to enjoy that TV show or think of all of the fun activities you can participate in at the end of the week.

I’m no shrink. I don’t have all the answers or claim to like a lot of people over the internet. I’m speaking strictly based on experience, as always. Having something to look forward to makes your down times short-lived. Find out what you value or what you’re passionate about, and use that as the tool to find whatever it is you look forward to. Whether it’s seeing your child grow up or seeing your garden of vegetables grow, always have something to look forward to. That’s some of the best advice I can lend you.