The Value of You

Posted: June 28, 2015 by Nell in Self Help/ Motivation
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How often do your base your own value on what other people think of you? Human beings tend to compare their personal value and worth, to the worth and value of others. With the birth of Instagram and other social media websites, people are comparing their personal lives to the lives of others, more than ever.

The Value of You 

Prior to social media, majority of person to person interactions were either via telephone or face to face. If people did compare their lives to the lives of others, it was usually to the lives of the people in their neighborhood who may have possessed more. That’s where the term “keeping up with the Joneses” comes from. Back then, people probably compared their lives to the lives of people on television, but celebrity status was kind of viewed as untouchable for the most part due to the lack of interaction and exposure to their fans. Prior to social media, in order to interact with a celebrity you had to come across them while they were out in public, which for the most part was rare if you didn’t live in New York or Los Angeles. Even if that were the case, it was probably still difficult to do. Celebrities, athletes, and entertainers didn’t have a social media to let you into their everyday lifestyle. If they had a Benz, the only way you were seeing it was when they were out in public or if they just so happened to show it on TV. There was no flaunting of their success on a social media app, although I’m sure some of them would have loved for social media apps to be around back then.

Today, the easy access and exposure to celebrities and other prominent people, may have left many people questioning their own value. Websites like Instagram is the perfect website for people to post their positive attributes and hide their flaws. You can go to someone’s Instagram page and think “wow, they really have it made and live the perfect life.” Sometimes when you do that, you begin to question yourself as to why you’re not in possession of the material items they have. Questioning yourself leads to devaluing yourself.

What does it mean to truly value yourself? I believe valuing yourself means no matter what someone else thinks or feel about you, or no matter what they possess, you’re still firm in your self-worth. You know that you’re valuable to the world, no matter how many flaws you have. Your value is determined by you. Never let an outside source determine your value as a person, because the moment you give them the opportunity to, they automatically have control over you and the way you feel about yourself.

Loving a certain physical feature about yourself only because a man or woman complimented you on it is dangerous. Compliments are great to receive, but you should embrace and love whatever feature you receive compliments on prior to being complimented. Okay, maybe they brought your attention to that certain feature, and you didn’t notice it before. You still should love and value all of your features prior to receiving compliments on them. Confirmation starts at home, meaning it starts with you. Before you step out in the world every day, you should feel like no opinion thrown your way will make you question your own worth or value. Of course, we all have flaws and things we need to improve and change about ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean we should love and embrace our present self while doing so. As I stated above, never let outside sources determine your value.

If someone has designer clothes, luxury vehicles, and a beautiful home, it shouldn’t have an effect on how you feel about yourself. You don’t know what they did to come earn or come into possession of those things. You honestly may not even know if those possessions are theirs. Everything that’s of material value can be earned and possessed by you if you work hard enough or put yourself in the right situation. Since that is the case, you shouldn’t feel that you’re not good enough to possess those things. View other people’s success that you desire as a goal, and not a reason to feel shameful or unworthy.

We all have value. The one person on this earth that most people probably believe holds little to no value is valuable to someone. That’s the amazing thing about life. While you determine your own value, the world is so big and different that there are people on earth that will see the maximum value in everyone. You may not like a certain physical feature you have, but there are people on earth who love your physical flaws. You may be an outcast, but there are people on earth that love outcast and their introverted side. The cool thing about life is it provides us with options and possibilities to be ourselves. If we love and value ourselves for how we are in the present, just imagine the positive results we’ll see in the future.

When all else fails, value yourself as a person. No matter how flawed or less accomplished you believe you may be, there are still many valuable things about you. There is something inside or outside of you that the world loves. Embrace it and most importantly, embrace you and your own value.

Darnell R. McKinnon

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