Indirect Communication

Posted: April 13, 2015 by Nell in Dating, Personal
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I told myself the next time I wrote a blog post it would probably be years down the line. A year and some months later, I decided to have at it again. I stayed away from blogging for a while, because I honestly didn’t feel like writing material on the net anymore. As a writer I make post based on instinct and experience. Over the past year or so I had tons of things to blog about, but I decided to just live in the moment without writing about it. Well, I decided to write another one based on instinct of course.

Indirect Communication

When I’m out in general public, I notice certain things about people. A good 80% of people I encounter throughout the day are being attentive to some form of gadget, whether it’s a smart phone, iPad, camera, laptop, or even a wrist watch that’s actually a phone. It makes me think back to when I was a youth growing up. I had one phone in my home as a kid, and early on in my childhood I had one line. 95% of the communication I had on a daily basis was face to face interaction. I left the 5% interaction for the 10 to 15 minutes that I spent talking to my childhood friends before I was kicked off the phone for tying up the line.

I flash forward to 2015 and I think about how my daily communication have went from 95% face to face interactions to 30% face to face interaction and 70% interaction through technology via smart phones, laptop, or social media. It makes me wonder how much my communication skills have suffered as a result. I view communication as being similar to being a basketball player. If a basketball player stops practicing shooting jump shots over for years upon years, eventually his field goal percentage will begin to decrease. Repetition makes your skills better and when you have a halt in repetition, eventually your skills will begin to decrease. Communication is a skill, it’s something you get better at by repetitively taking part in it. Public speakers are good not only because of a lack of fear for speaking in front of big crowds, but also because of repetition.

This all has me wondering, how many relationships, friendships, and partnerships have we (people in general) have lost over the years due to our communication skills now being indirect and flawed. My generation loves to point back to older generations and how their relationships and friendships seemed to be long-lasting. One thing they fail to point out is the older generation of people were forced to communicate and interact face to face a good 97% of the time. Of course they were able to mail letters to each other, but their main source of communication was face to face interactions. With face to face interactions, you’re able to get a good sense of context, and you can also look at facial expressions to see if someone is being genuine. Anyone can say “I love you” with a smirk on their face via email, social media, or text messages.

While some people may believe indirect communication such as smart phones, social media, email, and text is better because it suits their comfort personal zone due to being bashful, they should ask themselves, why are they bashful in the first place? Is it because they communicate better via technology, or is it because they’re not confident in themselves due to technology making their face to face interaction skills suffer? It’s definitely something to ponder on. I know it definitely has me thinking.




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