What’s On Your Grocery List?

Posted: October 6, 2011 by Nell in Dating, Self Help/ Motivation
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I know some people are reading the title thinking “What is he talking about?” The title above comes from a thought that I had in reference to comparing grocery shopping to dating. While most people will understand what I’m referring to, some will not. I decided to break it down my thought in this blog post.


What’s on your grocery list?

People that are health conscious will understand where I’m heading here. It’s amazing that a lot of the foods that taste good and provide you with instant gratification, are actually bad for your health. Meanwhile, the foods that are good for your health are sometimes not as instantly gratifying to your taste buds as the unhealthy foods. Doctors inform you to make healthy and smart choices in reference to the foods you eat. Many people choose to listen to their doctor and take their advice, but some do not. Those that don’t take their doctor’s advice on eating healthier foods often pay the consequences with their health. They increase the risk of getting diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and many other health problems. While some health complications are not caused by poor diet, majority of them are. What’s on your grocery list when looking for a potential mate? Things that only satisfy and benefit you in the present or things that are beneficial in the long haul?

In dating, a lot of the things that provide you with instant gratification are bad for you. As I stated in my previous blog post, people tend to be fond of “sex only” relations in this current society.  While very few “sex only” relations will continue deep into the future, majority are only temporary fixes to fulfill present sexual desires and needs. However, this also has a backfire effect in the future, similar to poor diet.

People tend to choose potential mates based on instant satisfaction rather than a mate that’s beneficial in the present and future.  They are dating others that are similar potato chips, frozen pizza, and everything else from the processed food isles; potentially bad for the long haul. The thing about processed foods is they are commercially prepared for easy consumption. The same thing applies to dating. Some people are just processed (prepared) to get and receive instant gratification from others. They have no interest in building towards anything or establishing a relationship. These people are only focused on instant gratification in the form of sex, material gains, or an ego boost. Their only focus is satisfying themselves or you in the present, without a future with you being anywhere in their thoughts. This may lead to future complications, similar to processed foods. If you consume or indulge in relations with too many of these people, potentially you’ll end up damaged in the future, similar to those who consume large amounts of processed foods.

Similar to grocery shopping, we tend to overlook the more healthy choices in reference to dating. An example of a healthy choice in dating is getting involved with people who are beneficial to you in the present as well as the future. These are the people who take interest in you and also people who are looking to build towards something with you. While being involved with these types of people may not be as instantly gratifying as the situation mentioned in the previous paragraph, at least you’re involved in a situation that may potentially benefit you in the present and future. Similar to fresh fruits and veggies, they help make you a better person, overall. The healthy dating choices also provide balance similar to a balanced diet, because the opportunity is there to potentially get everything that you desire in the present and future.

Now maybe you’re at the point in your life where you only want to indulged in instantly gratifying activity. Nothing is wrong with that if that’s where you currently are in your life. Most people have been or will be the person that’s similar to processed food, someone that’s looking for short-term and instant satisfaction without keeping the future in minds. But more often than not, too many of these processed relations will come back to affect you in a negative way, similar to consuming too many processed foods.

I used the word “Potential” often in the blog because everything depends on circumstances and understanding. Some people have eaten nothing but processed foods all of their life and they’re currently disease free. While others are not as fortunate. The same goes for people who have followed a healthy balanced diet. But potential is everything and you should rather have a positive potential than a negative one. As mentioned above, one situation has potential to harm your future with dating and the other has potential to be very beneficial in the future.

You decide, at this moment in your life what’s on your grocery list? It may be the reason for things currently going good or bad in your dating life.


  1. Keshia says:

    Very true we live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification. No one wants to take the time to make relationships work anymore. I truely that a person will continue to get the “poor food items on the grocery list” until they change their ways and habits snd start demanding more themselves. Excellent blog

  2. Marsha says:

    Well written metaphoric blog. Im going to post this to my facebook wall. I think you need more exposure because you have good material. It will come with time on a major level.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is well written, and right on the money! For the first thime in my life I have been thinking about things on a long term basis. For example, candy; very appealing to the eyes, taste good, but in the long term can cause more harm than good! In relationships unfortunately especially in the black community we seldomly tend to look for long term things, its always been about now. I’m glad you write about things like this! This is confirmation for me. Thanks

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