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Posted: July 7, 2010 by Nell in Personal, Self Help/ Motivation
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You know, lately I’ve been sending out private pre-release invitations to my close family and friends for my book release. A lot of people replied back and congratulated me stating that I inspire them and they look up to me. While those compliments are great, I want all of them to know that they inspire me as well. My book is complete FINALLY, so anyone who thought that I was making excuses for procrastinating my release, you will be able to purchase the book in a couple of weeks.

The times that I have experienced in this year (2010) have been some of the most trying times ever. Sure I was working on my book during this time, but it seemed as if the book was working on me. Only those who are very close to me know what I’ve went through from Hospital visits, writer’s block, to feeling like I hit constant dead-end. I think it was the message that’s in the book that made it so hard to finish. I just want y’all to know, if I did it, so can you. Whatever you do for a living, no matter how hard it gets, keep doing it.

When I say that I truly appreciate all of the support that I have been receiving for my writing over this past year, I truly mean it. It has kept me going. I know if it wasn’t for God, family, close friends, and you all, I wouldn’t have completed this book. I know that for a fact!

The reason why I stated that the people who congratulated me inspire me is because they were my fuel for writing this book. Everyone who takes out time to leave facebook status updates about their relationships, and the many females who told me that they didn’t know what Quality men REALLY desire inspire me as well. I’m not gonna lie, there were so many times that I felt like canning this book and just saying forget it. I’m inspired by all of the different stories that I hear from people about their relationships whether they’re positive or negative stories. They all give me something to write about. Actually I admire those people, because they’re willing to share their stories and experiences with me. That’s something that I’m a little restricted from doing, even though there are many times when I would like to do the same. I admire you all for that!

Once this book is released, I ask that you all look at me as the same no matter what success comes from this book. People did that with me after my first book and it hurt me because I became complacent. I’m human like you all, and I experience relationship issues just like you. One thing that humbles me and aids me with being able to write is experiencing those relationship issues. One thing I dislike about writing self-help blogs and books is that many people expect you to be perfect. I’m no model citizen when it comes to relationships. I’ve been a player before, cheated before, left women that loved me, and got left by women that I loved. I’m still growing though, and hopefully you all are as well. But in the end, when “The L Factor” book releases in a couple of weeks, just know that I did it for you!

For somebody, somewhere this book is going to be Golden and change their life!

Darnell R. Mckinnon


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