A Few Things You May NOT Know About Men

Posted: March 24, 2010 by Nell in Dating, Personal, Self Help/ Motivation
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What up! Lately people have been hitting me up telling me that they let their little sister or brother reading my blog. I am happy that they’re willing to share my blog with them. There are a lot of things as far as women that I wish I would have known in my youth. It honestly could have spared me a lot of time and heartbreak as a youth. I am sure other men share the same feelings as me. There are also plenty of women who tell me that they wish they would have knew what they know now as a youth. The good thing is that it’s never too late to learn something new. Knowledge doesn’t always come from your own experience. Now some of you may or may not know about the things that I’m going to list. The easiest way to confirm what I’m stating is to ask men. Whether they agree or not, they know that they will relate to what I’m stating in some way. I’m speaking about men in general. I don’t like to speak on men in general because different men have different standards and preferences, but I will do it for this blog post.

1.) Men care about women. This one is interesting because men actually care about women just like women care about men. I don’t know one dude that I have associated with throughout my life that stated women were not an option on their list of priorities. Some guys take time away from women in order to get their lives together, but after they get situated they’re right back out there getting at women. Women are a motivation factor behind many (not all) of men’s ambition towards success and wealth. We realize that success usually brings more women.“I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, the ho**, I suppose.”- Trey Songz. Men are simple and I believe a lot of times women get caught up in the hype of believing that we’re much more complex. Some men care about women more than others, but we all care. Some women are #1 on a dude’s list of priorities and some are #5. It depends on the dude, but just know that you’re in the equation somewhere.

2.) Just because a man will sleep with or approach you does not mean that he wants you. This goes back to a lot of my post. Post like do men respect easy women, the easy smash, the reason why 90% of your relationships don’t work out and the difference between an exclusive relationship and a fling (Search them on here.) There are a lot of women walking around today who have a great deal of false confidence. They carry this false confidence because deep down inside they realize that they’re actions are not what they’re hyped up to be. Everyone has played the fool before with dating, whether male or female. Even if you do not admit it, you played the fool for someone before in your life. The issue is some women are playing the fool knowingly and walking around like they’re wife status.

I often hear females state “Guys come up to me asking for my number all the time.” I’m gonna be honest with you. Guys approach women for different reasons. Some do it to boost their ego, some do it for practice, most do it for sex, and some do it because they want to get to know you. But for some reason, I always hear females boast like they’re a gem because guys approached them. It’s a fact that every female is not a gem just like every dude is not a gem. In order to be a gem, you have to carry yourself like a gem. I’m not referring to your attitude, I’m referring to the way you live. Guys know when you have low self-esteem and confidence no matter how much you try to disguise it. Don’t get excited and sassy over dudes approaching you until they ask you to be his woman. If you want to be sassy, do it on your own merit and not because dudes approach you.

Just because a guy has sex with you does not mean that he wants or desire you. If you have a sex partner without a relationship and both of you agree to it, cool do you. But if you’re some dudes easy smash or jumpoff and you want a relationship with him but he doesn’t want the same, please stop walking around with the wife status attitude. Be humble please because any woman whose a real “Top notch” woman won’t play the role that you’re playing with a dude unless it’s her own interest as well.

Since men will have sex with women that they do not desire to make their girlfriends or wife, women often get their feelings hurt from attaching them. Guys reading this please be aware, females often do the same thing as well. But this post about some things females don’t know about men. Most females are aware of this myth, but some honestly are not. But number two of this blog post leads women to believe that number three of this post does not exist, which is…

3.) ALL men ARE capable of being faithful to a woman. Don’t wipe your eyes or triple blink them. Yea I said it and I repeat, all men are capable of being faithful to a woman. I’m being very honest, but there’s a catch. Just because I said capable doesn’t mean that they will. It takes the right time in a man’s life and the right woman. When I state the right time, some guys have not lived out their player stages. Some guys were so focused on getting their stuff together as young adults that they missed out on dating a lot of women. Now that their lives are together, they’re ready to explore numerous women. If a guy is in his late teens and early 20’s he’s either experiencing his player stage or has not experienced it yet. I would state that there are some guys in their early 20’s who are out of their player stages, but there are so many different options of women that you can explore once you hit your mid-upper 20’s and lower 30’s that leads me to disagree. There are guys in their 30’s and 40’s who did not have a player stage in their 20’s, so they’re participating in it now. It is possible for a guy in his early 20’s to be out of his player stage, depending on his prior status, but it’s rare. Late teens are out of the question! Now some of you are involved with guys right now who are in their late teens and early 20’s. These guys may not want to take part in the player stage because they may be content. Some of them may be hiding their intentions and some may be fine with you right now because you could be the woman that he desires.

Let’s say he’s out of his player stage. You may not be the woman that he’s capable of being faithful to. It also depends on the type of guy that you’re involved with. There are some guys with firm integrity who are very honest and blunt with women. They will let her know if she’s what they desire if she ask. However, you have a lot of guys who will either lie or avoid answering that question because they are scared that the truth may cause their woman to leave. Some guys will do whatever they can to keep a woman around in order to have their ego stroked. I know some guys who keep women around that they have no interest in. They lead them on because they know she will provide sex, material and the infamous ego stroke. If you’re only working with few options, it hurts to lose one.

So yes, there is at least one woman who every guy would be faithful to. He knows who she is, but unfortunately the women he deals with may not be her. But once he finds that woman, he is capable of being faithful. Now I do know some lethal dudes who are the biggest players ever. However, they even admit that there is a specific type of woman that they would be capable of being faithful to. Yes, she does exist and she’s not Superhuman. Men have a type of woman who they desire and women have a type of man who they desire. The question is, how close are you to being the desired woman of the guy that you want? Ask him!

Darnell R. Mckinnon

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  1. Sandra says:

    I think I love this one more than all of them. I have doubts about the last one but I believe that its possible. I cant wait for your book Darnell. Good job

  2. Derrick says:

    You got it

  3. Cindy says:

    You’re right men are capable of being faithful if the right woman comes along and vice versa, another great blog darnell!

  4. Kesia says:

    Very interesting personal blog I might say…It is finally good to know what men are thinking and how they feel. Thanks Darnell for shedding light on this situation real talk. Im very excited about your book =)

  5. Appreciate everybodies comment. Most women already know this stuff, but there are some younger people who check out the blog that may not. Females have been telling me that they’re having a hard time believing #3. It’s true though

  6. Yashika says:

    Hmmm, no man is capable of being completely faithful. If its not physical; its done mentally. Im yet to meet a man who is CAPABLE and WILLING to be faithful. It’s just not embedded in their genes. And the player stage…why is this phase of maturity necessary? You can “soar your oats” by dating variouswomen….remaining single and not cheat on anyone in the process. Instead men like to keep “the one” on ice and sleep with her, her, her, and her.

  7. Rache says:

    Hey Friend by association thru my ls Keshia!!! your words are hitting on all the points that ppl need to realize when they just jumping from pillow to post….I agree with what you wrote about guys do keep women around, toying with their emotions…not to say women don’t do it too, but guys can be so unnattached to the feelings of himself as well as the female’s. Females will react and we are emotional by habit so I do agree and confirm this blog~! Rachel stamp of approval, even though you didnt need it 🙂

  8. Jen says:


    I can not wait until the book comes out.. Very good blog…. especially point # 2

  9. A K says:

    As a matter of fact, a *VAST* majority of women are aware that men want to have sex with women. Wanting to have sex with lots of women doesn’t mean he cares about them, it means he wants to have sex with them.

    You could have also used a better example of men caring than some guy saying he wants “hoes”. o.O

  10. A K, which paragraph are you referring to?

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