Investing too much time in other people’s Dreams

Posted: January 10, 2010 by Nell in Uncategorized
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Investing too much time in other people’s Dreams

I’ve been on the internet more often than usual for the past month or so. I realize that there has been a lot of talk on the net about Jay-Z being part of the Illuminati organization based on a couple of his previous videos, particularly “On to the next one” -Ft Swizz Beatz. In that video Jay-Z flirts with the minds of the individuals who speculate by showing clips of sculls with blood, a white masked face man, as well as other symbols. Many people are speculating whether or not Jay-Z is in fact a part of a secret society. Although some may feel that they have found fact in this speculation, what will be the reward if Jay-Z is in fact part of a secret society? “I told you so?” What many people fail to realize is that fear plus speculation equals more profit, so I believe that Jay is just doing this to increase attention, speculation, and profit. It’s entertainer’s job to raise speculation because speculation leads to more buzz and money. But the Jay-Z issue brings up a problem that has been brewing for many years, but the issue is getting worse now with internet sites that provide access to celebrities like myspace, facebook, gossip sites, and twitter. That issue is: People investing too much time in other people’s dreams.

One thing that I like to do is study people. I study them to learn from their mistakes and gains in order to apply what I learned to certain situations that come up in my life. There is nothing wrong with studying other individuals to learn something that can be applied to your own success and well being. However, there are many people on earth that invest too much time to celebrities as well as others. Either they are in awe with them or they are someone who despises them. But whether you admire or despise an individual by following their every move, you continue to lose one of the most valuable things that life can grant us, time.

Many people are unsuccessful because they invest too much time in other people’s dreams. They stay on gossip sites, twitter, facebook, myspace, and all the other sites that expose celebrities and other individuals for the majority of their day, and by time their done, they miss out on investing time into their own success and well being. Instead of wasting countless hours, days, and years worrying about what others are doing with their success, it’s time to start putting in time and work with our own. What individuals and celebrities do in their personal life should not be your concern. Your success should be number 1 on your list. The wealthy and rich are constantly worrying about their own success, while the poor and unfortunate are constantly worrying about the success and well being of the wealthy and rich. So while everyone is focusing on whether or not Jay-Z is the Illuminati, Kanye West is gay, Carlos from College is a player, or Rihanna has a new boyfriend, there are thousands of people who refuse to invest time into the speculation because they’re investing time in something more important, their success and future. Catch on!

Darnell R. Mckinnon

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  1. Troy says:

    Good job with this one. People feed into everything man, they cant help theyself.

  2. Monique says:

    Love the blog..I going to send less time on FB.. Maybe I will finish my book.

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