Embracing Setbacks

Posted: September 3, 2009 by Nell in Personal, Self Help/ Motivation
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Embracing Setbacks

Atlanta has an Interstate Highway, I-285. I-285’s route is a big circle that goes around Atlanta and its surrounding areas. If you drive on I-285 and never get off, you will eventually find your self in the same place where you started. Setbacks are similar to the I-285 driving experience, it seems as if you constantly end up in the same position where you started. Setbacks are full of frustration, anxiety, and other stressful emotions. All of those emotions cloud your main objective. Once the main objective is clouded, you make a decision based off of 2 options. This blog will give you some insight on those two options.

It is often hard to realize that the main purpose of a setback is the lesson that is learned. Most people do not realize the purpose of a setback until they have given up on their goal. Learning is gained from experience. Experiences can be both positive and negative, but the benefit of experience is that it is a lesson learned. Many times during setbacks, the mind is so clouded by negative emotions, that it is hard to see that there is a positive in every setback, the lesson learned.

“I will not lose, for even in defeat, it’s a valuable lesson learned so it even it up for me”
Jay-Z- Blueprint 2

If you view setbacks as a lesson during the time you’re experiencing them, it will make things more clear to you. You will become more motivated to find what is needed in order to accomplish your goal. The frustration, anxiety, and stress that you experience during your setback will begin to shrink. Setbacks happen because there is a need to find a missing piece that is needed in order to complete your goal. There is a void somewhere in accomplishing your goal that needs to be found. Sometimes you have to start all over from scratch, and the sometimes you only have to take a few steps back. But when you realize that your setback is the opportunity to find the missing piece that is needed, you will embrace the challenges and struggles that come along with your setback.

If you’re going to be great in life, you will experience many setbacks. There are only a minority of people who are great because the majority do not embrace the challenges of a setback. Great individuals look at setbacks as a lesson learned. Setbacks are part of the process that comes along with becoming successful. Depending on the type of success that you’re trying to accomplish, you will experience setbacks often. The greater the goal, the more setbacks. During a setback you only have 2 options. The first option is to give up on whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish; the second option is to embrace the setback, and look at it as a lesson that is needed to find the missing piece.

Often times, people point fingers for their failures. Blame is one of the main characteristics of failure. Finger pointers don’t realize that they continuously fail because they choose option #1 instead of option #2. I am a firm believer that setbacks happen in order to build character, and in the process of building character, you learn a valuable lesson and find a missing piece. Always look at setbacks during your road to success as a lesson that is needed, and never as a reason to give up. There are no rewards that comes along with option #1, no lesson learned, and no peace found. There is always a reward that comes along with option #2, even if you don’t accomplish your goal at that moment, it’s the lesson learned that is the reward. I’m writing this blog today because I chose option #2, and so should you.

Darnell R. Mckinnon

  1. Melissa says:

    Hmmm. Things that make you go hmmmm

  2. Keshia says:

    Very inspirational blog Darnell..to many times we let the fear of failure cripple us and instead of continuing on to find the lesson that needs to be learned we go with option #1 GIVING UP. It just APPEARS to be easier to give up at times because it seems the reward is so far off and not attainable. Excellent work!!!

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