Protecting Your Happiness (The X Factor)

Posted: July 23, 2009 by Nell in Personal, Self Help/ Motivation
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Protecting Your Happiness (The X Factor)

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. I am not really sure why I delayed to write this post, because this is actually one of the most important post that I have written. Maybe it’s a little too late for someone; maybe they have already slipped into depression or given up due to their happiness being stolen away, but hopefully for many, this post will be the X factor. I call it the X factor because happiness makes a huge difference in your life.

I want everyone who is reading this to do an experiment with me. Whenever you are out and about, look at a child around ages 2-4. Look at the reactions of that child and how they behave. Their minds are free and unless they have been abused or they have a certain illness, their happiness shows. They are full of life, and one of the main reasons why they are full of life is because their happiness is protected. Now, when I speak of protection, I am not referring to their parents being over protective and not letting them enjoy their childhood. When I state their happiness is protected, I am referring to their minds being free to roam. No one is beating down their self esteem confidence, and many of them are not aware of the many social issues that teenagers and adults face. As teenagers and adults, a lot of us are not our true selves while in the presence of society. We often act out the way that society expects us to act out, because anything more or less than what society expects would be considered weird or abnormal. But for most kids ages 2-4, they really don’t care what society thinks of them. They have a free vocabulary and will say just about anything. They are not as mentally conscience as teenagers and adults are because their happiness is protected. When you think of little kids, what are some of the words that comes to mind? Fun, playful, adorable, energetic and happy.

What makes you happy? Do you even know what makes you happy?
Sometimes you can find happiness in some of the least expected things. Up until a year or 2 ago, I believed that my happiness was in something that made other people happy but subtracted from my happiness. I went on a mission to find out what makes me happy and little did I know that my happiness was in writing and helping people. As teenagers and adults, we often aim to please others. We aim to please others with our appearance, our words, our associations, as well as our actions. Pleasing others is not always a bad thing, but when your pleasing others and denying room for your own happiness, it is. There have been many people in the world who missed out on their happiness in order to please others. Nothing is wrong with helping and pleasing others, but often times we leave our happiness unguarded. When your happiness is unguarded, sadness, anger, and depression has room to come into play. Their are many people who battle depression and sadness daily, some are winning the war and some are losing it. One of our major goals in life should be to find what makes us happy, and guard it with our life.

How do you protect your happiness? By guarding it with your life. There is a great amount of people in the world who are not happy, their walking around angry or depressed, avoid those people. To protect your happiness you have to stay in a circle of people who are happy or at least pursuing it. It will be very hard for you to remain happy if you are constantly around people who are either angry, sad, depressed or mad. In order to protect your happiness, never put your happiness in someone else’s hands. Your happiness should remain in your care and only your care.

How do you find what makes you happy?
Often times you find what makes you happy by finding your complete self. Who are you? What are you about? What do you stand for? What are you goals and aspirations? What makes you different from others? Everyone has something about them that’s different from others, that’s part of individuality. And it is our job to find what makes us different and find our true selves. There is a great chance, that when you find what makes you different from everyone else on earth and find your true selves, you will find true happiness. Let’s all begin the search!

Darnell R. Mckinnon


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