Living In The Moment

Posted: July 11, 2009 by Nell in Personal, Self Help/ Motivation


Lately I have been idle, away from my blog. But I decided to come back and share some things with you. This post is about Living in the moment and the power of living in the moment. I bring this topic up, because as of late I have come to the realization that living in the moment is very vital for our happiness and sanity.

Living in the moment

A big reason why we have such a high rate of anxiety and stress is because people are not taking time out to enjoy the present moments. Majority of those people are mentally multi-tasking. We solve our present issue instantly and focus on things that are in the past and future. We are very impatient as humans, and instant gratification only temporarily feeds our anxiety. I have been one of the most anxious individuals, I wanted everything fast. In fact, I wanted everything to come so fast that I never took out time to savor the present moments. The result of that was feeling regret and wishing I could go back and celebrate accomplishments, enjoy the people who were in my life, have fun with the adventure that was in my present, and enjoy the moment. I remember being so mentally tied up into my past and future that I wasn’t even aware of certain things that were happening in my present. I looked at Birthdays as just another day, same for Holidays. I overlooked friendships, and accomplishments because I was so worried about the past or future. Those overlooked moments led to present regrets. Unfortunately there are many people who Live in the past and future just like I did, all while ignoring the things that are in the present. It is very important that we start living in the moment. Here’s why:

The Benefits of living in the moment:

When you live in the moment you increase your awareness, happiness, and sanity. As young and old adults, we often look back on our past and look at certain things and have regrets. We become depressed, saddened, experience anxiety and even stressed when looking back on certain regrets from the past that we can no longer change. The same people who reminisce on their childhood are some of the same people who do not live in the moment. One of those regrets is: Not living in the moment and enjoying certain moments in our past. I often look back at some moments in my past and wish that I would have enjoyed those moments while they existed. There are plenty of things in my childhood that I wish I would have appreciated more, things like birthdays, parties, athletics, academics, etc,.The benefit of living in the moment is that it reduces future regret of the present to a minimum. Most of the things that humans become down about are things that either happened in the past, or things that we dread happening in the future. Thinking like this throws your happiness off by focusing on two or three things (Past, future, present) at once. Your happiness shrinks to a minimum because the present goes by so fast because your busy focusing on the past, future or both along with the present. Many of us are aware that multi-tasking makes time fly, just imagine what happens when you multi-task mentally. However, when we live in the moment, our mind is focused on one thing, instead of two or three, the present. There are so many good moments in the present that we can enjoy if we live in the moment. Whether its life itself, family, friends, love, accomplishments, your surroundings, or the people who are currently in your life. Imagine how much more we will appreciate the things that are in our present lives if we live in the moment.

Darnell R. Mckinnon

  1. Tarrah says:

    I definitely agree. Living in the moment allows you to appreciate everything about life. Life is so wonderfully complex and people don’t always realize that when they are living through regrets of the past or are anxious about what the future may bring.

  2. Michelle says:

    This is refreshing, very very refreshing. I needed it!

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