Preparation Over Prevention

Posted: April 16, 2009 by Nell in Personal, Self Help/ Motivation


Preparation over prevention

I wanted to blog about this because recently some things have happened in my life that could not have been prevented, only prolonged, it was fate. But all of those things that have happened I could have been better prepared for them. Some things in life you cannot prevent although we will would like to think so. But you can prepare for everything. In this blog I will stress preparation over prevention and leave some examples as well.

When it comes to prevention and preparation, there are some situations will preparation will be better suited to use than prevention. For example, death. You can prolong death but you cannot prevent it. Preparation for such is things like life insurance, or a will. Losing your job is another example. Sometimes you cannot prevent losing your job especially in this economic state, but you can be prepared by having another backup job or a backup hustle. Another example, you cannot prevent aging, but you can prepare for it by taking better care of your health (A better diet and working out) and all of the things around you. Reducing stress and working on your mental helps as well. Another thing that you can’t prevent is time, but you can be prepared for time. You can prepare for time by working hard towards your achieving your goals as well as using the time that you do have to your advantage. If you take a look at things like Homeland security, Fema, and all of the other emergency assistance programs, all of these programs exist to be prepared for such emergencies. They know that they cannot prevent terrorism from and natural disasters from happening (Even though they try to prevent them) but their main goal is to be prepared for the events that come after.

It is very important to prepare for things in life mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. The more we are prepared, the least anxiety and fear we will have. If your goal is to become successful or wealthy in life, one thing you must be is prepared. I stress preparation over prevention because sometimes even when you do make an effort to prevent some things from happening, they still happen. Always be prepared!

Darnell R. Mckinnon


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