Why do males cheat?

Posted: April 9, 2009 by Nell in Dating, Personal, Self Help/ Motivation
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Why do males cheat? That is the question that I have been asked all throughout my whole life by numerous women, and up until the last couple of years, my answer has always been “I don’t know”, followed by a shoulder shrug. Seriously, females ask that question to males as if we can answer for each other. I don’t know why other men cheat, but I know why I cheated. I always believed that if there is multiple answers to a question, then the question should not be aimed towards categorizing. You cannot categorize all males based off of the actions of individual males when there is multiple reasons why we act out in certain ways. Asking why do males cheat is similar to asking why do dogs bark. So, why do dogs bark? Because their annoyed, because their happy, because their sad, because their hungry, and because their angry. You can’t categorize a dog’s barking because dogs bark for different reasons. A more fitting question will be, why do angry dogs bark? Because their angry. Get my drift? Those are the same type answers that you will get when asking why do males cheat, numerous answers. The question should not be why do males cheat, instead it should be why did your man cheat?

People like to say that men and women cheat for different reasons, I firmly disagree. It is common statements that females cheat based off of emotion and needs such as lack of attention, appreciation and affection. Humans act off of emotions and habit. We are all very similar in those areas. It is also common statements that males cheat because we’re dogs, we can’t control our hormones or simply because we can. What if I told you that a good amount of the time, males cheat for the same reasons that females cheat. What if I also told you that a good amount of time, females cheat for the same reasons that males cheat. It would trick your mind wouldn’t it? Why would it? Because we were told this by society ever since we found out what love is. I know some of you are saying “Oh no, females don’t act out and cheat for the same reasons that males cheat, we’re angels and princesses.” I’ll prove you different.

So let’s take a look at the first common statement, males cheat because we’re dogs. I am assuming that being a dog refers to dogs accepting anything that is thrown their way. Most dogs will eat anything that a human eats, and will hump anything when their horny. So lets get this straight, when females say that males are dogs, are they referring to male dogs or all dogs? I recall having a female dog before as a child. She was a toy poodle, not a pitbull, but when her hormones started jumping, she would try to hump anything in her sight. The little “princess” would literally act out like a pitbull going savage mode humping anything in her sight when her hormones was jumping. Hmmm, so it’s not only the male dogs that do that? So are males the only gender that will hump anything in sight when their horny? I think not. See, it’s not fair to categorize right ladies?

Now, the other common statement refers to the first statement, which is males cheat because we can’t control our hormones. I often hear statements coming from females such as “males will sleep with anything that walks, males will have sex with anything that comes their way, and all men think about is sex.” Ladies, you are half right with your assumptions, but don’t take too much credit. Here’s why: Referring back to my second paragraph, it is commonly said that females cheat off of their emotions. So let’s take a female for instance, if their emotions are out of whack, don’t females act the same way as males react? Females will sleep with anything that pleases and restores their positive emotions . Hint: Pay more attention to the word “pleases” than “anything”. It is said that all men do is think about sex, but it’s only men who do so right ladies? Wrong. Who sits up at their work desk early in the morning, afternoon, evening, or late night reading exotic books and sex novels? I recall that the majority of the sex novel readers are females and majority of sex store customers are also females. Both of these industries mainly cater to females, their fantasies, and their sex drive. Hmmm, I am assuming that females read the books because of the drama (That’s what some tell me at least), but there are tons of drama novels without detailed sex. So yes, ALL females sit up and think about sex all the time, and they will sleep with anything when their emotions are out of whack. It doesn’t sound fair does it ladies? Once again, stop categorizing! The statement of ALL females sitting up thinking about sex all day and sleeping with anything is not true, and neither is the statement of ALL males sitting up thinking about sex all day and sleeping with anything.

Last but not least, another statement that is also amongst the commonly stated when referring to men cheating is that we cheat simply because we can. That statement is similar to stating that flies fly because they can. That statement is obvious, but what is not so obvious is that females cheat for the same reason, because they can. Think about it, cheating is the one thing that you cannot stop from either gender. Can you prevent it? You can try to, but it’s up to the individual that you are involved with to not cheat. Can you prepare for it? You can, but depending on your way of preparing (Which is usually assuming or having a backup which is also cheating) you will only cause the cheating to happen at a faster rate.

So, why do males cheat is the question. If you are asking that question, you are already asking for an incomplete answer, because asking why do MALES cheat is an incomplete question. “Males” is a group, “cheating” is a action/emotion. It is hard to get a firm answer when dealing with emotions and a group. I don’t see many people asking why do frustrated males cheat, why? Because the question is complete and leads to a complete answer: Because their frustrated. I am assuming that you or someone who you are close to have been cheated on by a male. If it’s you that have been cheated on, the best way to find out the answer to the question is to ask the male that cheated on you. You cannot get the answer of one male’s action from ALL males. Stop trying, it will be a failed attempt. Now, if the guy that cheated on you has no answer for you, then there you have it. You weren’t even worth giving an answer to, so of course according to him you wasn’t worth being faithful to. If it is someone who you are close to that has been cheated on, let them ask the male who cheated on them. I don’t know why males cheat, males don’t even know why males cheat. I don’t know why females cheat, females don’t even know why females cheat. I only know why individuals cheat and you get that answer from the individual and only the individual. If you judge genders by individuals, it will save you a lot of heartache, anxiety, frustration, and will dispose of assumptions in your current relationships or future relationships. When we tend to try to find answers when categorizing a whole group of people, it will often lead to the wrong answer. The wrong answers lead to anxiety and assumptions, which can also lead to the end of a promising relationship. If we judge based on the individual, we will have a much firm answer than judging a whole group. In order to get a solid answer, ask a solid question, Why did your man cheat?

So you leave from this post mad because I didn’t give you a definite answer to the question. No, I did not live up to your desired answer to the question that is asked millions of times all around the world. The definite answer as to why your man cheated is not in this post, it’s with him.

Stop categorizing!

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