Chris Brown N Rihanna Dilemma

Posted: February 12, 2009 by dominojump in Uncategorized
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By now, everyone has heard about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. While I am not the type to be into drama and gossip, I will discuss this issues for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is the fact the Chris Brown is getting crucified before the full story even comes out. Second, is that the media controls how the general public thinks. Third, is hearing of some of the harsh statements because of the allegations and people showing their true colors

First, Chris Brown is being crucified by the media and a lot of feminist groups before the full story hits the light. Personally, I believe that no guy should ever put their selves in a situation where they have to hit their girlfriend/wife, but once again I don’t know the full story. If you find yourself arguing with your mate a lot, that is a sign that you two probably should not date, because sooner or later arguements do escalate. But back to the fact that the media is having a field day with Chris Brown without the full story. Wrigley’s gum has already suspended his campaign, Got milk? has suspended theirs, Sesame street has pulled the song with Elmo and Chris off of their show, and numerous radio stations have stopped his songs from rotating on their station, all before the full story has come out. Every time I see and hear more details about the story, it is making Chris look worse and worse. In my opinion, the story that is out in the media is one sided (Rihanna’s side of the story.) This issue is another example of how one sec/min can change the way how people feel and think of you. Chris was one of the most loved Entertainer’s, and now according to the media and gossip sites, he’s Ike Turner. Even if the story comes out that Chris is not guilty of the allegations, he will be guilty in some people in the general public’s eyes. Do I believe that Chris can recover from this? Yes. Kobe Bryant recovered, but in order for Chris to recover it will take some time away from the spotlight. Unfortunately, the woman in the Kobe Bryant case was not a celebrity like Rihanna, so it will be much harder for Brown to recover. Has his career taken a very huge blow? Yes, but he can still recover. I will discuss more from this section later on in the post.

Second, people are letting the media control their way of thinking once again. Immediately after this happen Brown’s childhood has been constantly mentioned. His step father abused his mother when he was a child, and Chris made a statement about wanting to harm his step father. I don’t know about others, but if a man even touched my mother in the wrong way, I would have probably would have felt the same way. But the gossip rumors are going strong and people are believing everything that they are hearing. “Chris Brown is a black belt, Jay-Z says he’s going to get Chris killed, Rihanna gave him herpes, Rihanna got bit by Chris, Rihanna threw the keys out of the window, Chris was cheating.” The media is having a field day with this story because in the end, it makes them more money. As I stated in previous post, the media controls most people’s way of thinking. Some people are so gullible that they will believe anything that they hear from the media and gossip sites. I cannot throw the hammer at Chris Brown like many people are until the full story is out, and even if the full story comes out that all of the allegations are true, I still won’t because he’s human, and you live and you learn.

Third, is the comments that are being made against many Anti-Black men groups and sadly some black females. It’s sad to see that they divided us to the point that we are against each other instead of backing each other. However, when it comes to domestic abuse gender sides are always going to be chosen. But I have been hearing a lot of nasty comments coming from black women like “That’s a black man for you, what did you expect, he’s black, don’t all black men beat their women, all black men are thugs.” Sadly, these were some of the comments that were posted on the net, and I even heard one of them on the radio. Chris Brown is an individual and he does not represent all black men. No black man, represents all black men, unfortunately not even Obama. I believe that Chris Brown is not as evil as their portraying him to be. But in the end, people are going to judge people the way they want to judge them.

I am not choosing sides in their issue. What happened in their relationship, is their business and the only thing about their relationship that is different from the average relationship is that the media is reporting it. One thing I do know, is that Chris Brown has a lot of image repairing to do in the public eye. On the other hand, Rihanna’s next album will probably sell more than any of her previous albums. I am not going to give my opinion but I have a message to some young adults. If your in your late teens and early twenties, I believe that you should not be in a serious relationship. Instead you should be busy mingling and figuring out ways to progress in life, whether it’s school or your career. Once again, if your in a relationship where their is always arguements, you should break off the relationship. Arguements do escalate and their is a huge difference between an arguement and disagreement, arguements consist of negative emotions.

Some people are having a field day with bashing Chris Brown because it is a way to cover up and take out their pain from abuse on someone. Some of the people who made media statements and gossip comments about this issue have or are experiencing domestic abuse. But in this country, everyone is usually concerned about what is going on in other’s relationships instead of their own. But in the end I hope the Chris Brown and Rihanna issue gets resolved. It’s really none of our business, but the media made it that way. I wish both of them the best and success in their careers and lives.

  1. J.Lee says:


    I would just like to say that I totally agree with you on the way Media and some blogs are reporting the story. I feel like media needs to realize people are human and are going to make mistakes. I do not agree with abusing a woman no matter what she did, I can speak for myself I know sometimes women can push the limits on what they say or do that might make a man want to knock the H&LL of them but is it right No. I just wish that people could respect their private lives. And his stepfather wow.. He is insane…. This situation is going to get messy…..

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