New Years Resolutions, Really?

Posted: January 1, 2009 by dominojump in Personal, Self Help/ Motivation, Uncategorized
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Welcome to 2009. We all should be thankful to God that we were able to see another year. You know, I have been having numerous conversations with people lately and one of the things that many of those people have been stating is that they have a New Years Resolution. I believe that the statement is becoming over used, with no visual results to back it up. Here is my explaination why:

Many people waited till Dec 31, 2008 at 11:59pm to let all of the negativity and bad ways of 08 go. The problem is that many of their problems and issues did not occur at 11:59pm on Dec 31, 2008. Instead many of their problems occured all throughout 2008 and some even prior to 2008, but they decided to wait for a fresh start to try to get rid of their issues and problems. What I have learned throughout life is, if you do not fix or get rid of a problem or situation when it initially occurs, it will be hard to get rid of overall. If you had a lot of drama in your life all throughout 2008, you more than likely will not be able to rid the drama in 60 secs. Just because the Calendar says Jan 1, 2009, does not mean that your problems and issues said “good riddance” to you. Actually, if you waited to the clock hit 12:00am on Jan 1st to dispose of your issues, your problems may have grown worst.

The same thing that was stated above goes for Resolutions. You ever wondered why many New Years resolutions never work? Because it takes more than one day to make a change towards something that has been a habit for weeks, months, and sometimes years. As I stated before in a previous post, habits take time to break. If your goal was to lose weight and you wanted to be successful at it, then chances are that you should have started eating right and working out when you decided that losing weight was going to be your resolution. If not, you sike your mind out. You can’t eat fast foods all the way up till 11:59pm on Dec 31 and think that your mind and body is going to be automatically ready for a change 60 secs later. Same for stopping other habits. The best time to rid of a habit is when the thought of dropping the habit “First” comes across your mind. Chances are, if dropping your habit was you resolution, you had plenty of days and hours to think about it; I am sure you did not wait till Dec 31 11:59pm to decide that you were going to drop your habit 60 secs later. Real resolutions and change don’t need a date, they just need a thought, vision, and moment.

With that being said, I do not believe in New Years resolutions. After years of failing and seeing other people fail at resolutions, I believe that we should not wait until the New Years to make changes, real change starts when you get the thought and vision, not when the clock hits 12:00am on Jan 1.

Remember: “You have to create a habit in order to break a habit”


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