Put A Ring On It?

Posted: November 17, 2008 by dominojump in Dating
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I haven’t been on the computer as much as I used to because Im working on a project, but when I am on I often hear females boasting about somebody “putting a ring on it”. Beyonce has a single called “Single ladies” and its all over the net and radio, but Im pretty sure everybody already knows that. A lot of females literally lost their mind by claiming that the song is their new theme song.

The hook to the song is “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”. Honestly, if a dude “really” like it, then more than likely he would have put a ring on it. Females have to realize something as a whole. First thing is that Beyonce is singing this song, and from what I recall she is married. She has her ring and Im pretty sure that she’s happy about that. If we (Dudes) really like ya’ll and consider you ring (wife) material then you will have a ring. A dude is not going to ask a woman to marry him, if he does not consider her wife material, atleast I know I wont. The problem females is that most of your ex’s did not consider you ring material at the time ya’ll were together. Maybe the timing was off, maybe ya’ll were too young, maybe he wasn’t done with his player stage, or maybe he didn’t consider you ring material. I can’t use ya’ll being too young as an excuse because a lot of people get married young. I can’t use the fact that he wasn’t ready, because if he considered you wife material at the time it would make it him ready. I can’t use player stage, because if he considers you “the one” he wouldn’t mind not being a player. It can be numerous excuses that we (dudes) can make or excuses that females can make for us, but when it comes down to it if we consider you “the one” and ring material you will get that ring. Other factors can play into like financial issues, career issues, distance, etc… But one of the main reasons why many females don’t have the ring is because of the person who they see when they look in the mirror (their selves). Im not talking about physically, I am talking about overall. We could go on and on about how females always say they picked the wrong dudes and how it’s our (dudes) fault that we didn’t get engaged to her, but do females ever take the time out to realize that we think the same way?. A good amount of the time we feel that the female wasn’t ring material, maybe thats the reason why the relationship never worked out. In our lifetime, most dudes wouldn’t mind being married. Im not gonna say all because some of us do not ever wanna marry and want to be single forever. But most dudes will put a ring on a female’s finger if he feels like she is quality enough. Its more females who are not quality, than females who are. And Im pretty sure most females would say the same thing about males, which is also true. By any means, Im not stating that all single females and females who are not married shouldn’t have been giving the ring, because some should have been.

Some females are not quality enough, for a dude who is willing to get married to put a ring on her finger. I have seen some of the most loose, females with no class or self respect, and wild acting females stating “Put a ring on it”. Those are the same females who are always crying about dudes using them as jumpoffs, cheating on them, being side females, and just an option. If you dont wanna be jumpoff status, the side woman, and just an option you should carry yourself like it. I myself love quality women, or atleast females who are striving at becoming quality. So ladies, if you want a dude to put a ring on it, carry yourself like it. Im pretty sure most of the females who have rings, have a dude who figured that they deserved it. This is not knocking all females at all, but it was made for females who automatically think that they deserve a ring because their females.

  1. Antanique says:

    true indeed. Women should not assume that because we are women, we deserve an engagement ring. Quality is better than quantity, and conduct yourself in a manner to which you want to be treated. Even if we’re a good man or woman, but our partner is to ignorant to notice, that is when we start to determine our self worth and start changing the company we keep to benefit our happiness.

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