True Confidence

Posted: October 29, 2008 by dominojump in Self Help/ Motivation
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These days everyone is walking around boasting about how confident and how much swag they have. But most of the same people deep down inside lack true confidence. Some might ask, what is true confidence?. True confidence is confidence that comes from within and confidence that is validated from within. Most people base their “swagger” or confidence off of other people’s opinions and compliments. Are we living to make ourselves happy first or to make other people happy first?. The reason why true confidence is so important is because, what will happen if you stop recieving compliments or people’s positive opinions?. More than likely you will lose confidence and your “swagger”. Im putting the word swagger in quotes because I am a firm believer that the word has been worn out. As I stated on my myspace blog previously, most people who claim that they have swag really dont have it anyways. Dudes get a couple of compliments from chicks and all of a sudden they have “Swag”. Females getting a lot of comments from a lot of dudes and all of a sudden she’s Ms. Confidence. Cool to some, but in this blog Im gonna explain why thats not so “cool” after all.

A person with true confidence is independent when it comes to self esteem as well as confidence. Meaning that the given person does not need anyone to compliment or give positive feedback in order to achieve high self esteem and confidence. Now the people who lack “True confidence” may look at my last statement as impossible, thinking that confidence has to come from other people’s compliments and positive feedback. Those are the same people who probably walk around daily stating how their “Not cocky but confident”, “Nobody has swagger like me”, and the infamous “Im not concieted Im just confidence”. First by stating those comments along shows that you lack confidence and that their is a leak in your self esteem or self confidence. Anybody with true confidence doesnt have to state how confident they are, people with true confidence show it. Now Im not referring to the people who do have true confidence but get called cocky or concieted because others lack self esteem and true confidence and therefore they down talk them because they feel inferior. Im referring to the people who feel inferior inside but put on a front on the outside like their superior. The bad thing about the fakers act is that the people with true confidence already know that they lack.

The main reason why confidence must come from within and not the outside is because people are very fickle. Their opinions and likings change on a daily basis. How can you base your confidence, “swag”, and self esteem dependent on fickle people?. One year she might like lightskin dudes, next month she dont, one month she might like thugs, next month she like the opposite, oneday he might like thick chicks, next day he may like skinny. Get the point?, most people do have a certain type that they like but that doesnt always mean that they settle for that type or will commit to liking that type for life. With that said base your confidence off of yourself. Learn and know yourself, educate yourself (Not just with school) and enhance yourself. If your confident in yourself then what other people think doesnt matter.

Ways to acquire true confidence: 1.) Find something(s) that your good at and use that as your starting point and build from there. 2.) Stop depending on other people to enhance your confidence, it usually sets you up for failure and a decline in confidence. 3.) Work at becoming a better you.


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