What ever happened to male self worth?

Posted: September 24, 2008 by dominojump in Dating
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A female friend of mine recently asked me to do a write up about dudes these days cupcaking (Simpin, trickin, etc). I have old school views on this subject so it may offend some, but then again maybe it will also enlighten some. Being online these days is crazy, seriously. And that is the reason why I have limited my time on online websites because their not the same anymore. I would say 8 times out of 10 when I come across a good looking female’s internet personal page its always some dudes on there blowing her ego up and letting her know how sexy she is, and how they would die to be with her. Cool, if thats what you do thats cool do you. My issue comes from the dudes stating that they will literally drink a chick’s bath water, which is nasty if you think about it (Human bodies get dirty, lol). And this is something that is being said often these days, like its the “Cool” thing to say now. I will touch other sayings and statements that cats think is “cool” to state later in this blog.

The issue is not that females have stepped up their looks and status that much to the point where dudes will literally drink their bath water. The issue is that dudes have lowered their standards that low to make statements like that. One of the reasons is the internet and the other reason is that a lot of dudes obviously have no self worth anymore and dont understand the importance of a man. I dont care how much of a bad day or week Im having, I refuse to tell a chick that I will drink her bath water or anything in that nature. For what?, what dudes dont realize is if you compliment a chick all the time she’s not gonna want you anymore than the cat who pays her no mind. If she’s a banging chick chances are she has heard it before so your wasting your time and messing the game up. I know some may wonder how does this possibly affect me since Im speakin on it?. Well thats a good question and I have a good answer to that question. It doesnt necessarily affect me as much as it affects us males as a whole. These are the cats that mess the game up (The dating game) because eventually you have females putting “All” dudes in the same box and running around with ego’s expecting dude to kiss their ____ like homeboy did. Reason being is that females eventually get stuck in their head that “Most” dudes feel the same way about them as the guy who’s stating that he will drink their bath water. It really is a bad balance these days. You have the dudes that have standards and the dudes who have none. Its a lot more of dudes with no standards than us dudes with them.

Another issue that I have been debating with various people about for the past yr or so is this whole “It aint trickin if you got it” phrase being thrown around by rappers and singers in every song. Its a joke to me, because I think the word is being torn away from its original meaning. But hiphop artist have been known to do that anyways, but I still dont give them a pass. If you do have it (Money) your not trickin “IF” your spending and doing for your girl, friends, or your family just out of love and because ya’ll usually do the same for each other. You ARE trickin if your spending money, or giving away any material thing on the strength of being in a female’s presence to get sex or the time of day from her. Sad thing is that most of the cats that take pride in trickin, the chick dont really want them for one and for two she usually has another dude around somewhere and your just her “Dumb investor”. Okay, so rappers and singers dont like to be called tricks, we will just call the proud tricks “Dumb investors”. Because anybody in business knows that if your investing in something and not getting the same back or more, its a dumb investment. 

Alot of people dont understand where the meaning of tricks and hoes comes from obviously. A female that sleeps with numerous dudes for free is not a hoe, some may call her a slut. In pimp terms a Hoe is someone who sleeps around or spend time with a dude for money or material things to put it in Layman’s term. A trick in pimpin terms keeps the hoe in business. There is no hoe without a trick so pimps love tricks because they keep them in business, lol. Tricks spends money to get sexual pleasures or even sometimes to be in a females presence. I dont believe back in the day dudes was running around shouting “Im a trick” or “It aint trickin if you got it”. It wasnt anything to be proud of and shouting about back then, so why is it now?. At the end of the day fellas we all need to know our self worth and raise our self esteem. Nobody deserves to be put on a pedestal unless we are talking sports and champions. How about putting yourself in the position to be chosen by a female that really likes you and wanting to get with you so that you dont have to trick, simp, or cupcake?. I will speak on this at a later date.

But anyways Im gonna rap this up. I did one of my friends a favor by posting this. I hope I got her point across because I got mine across. If this offends you Im just giving my opinion. You too can write a blog and give yours. Also ladies Im not a misogynist, I love women. Im just writing this on my viewpoint of cupcaking by males. Also my blogs will be diverse with no limits on the subjects that I discuss. Thanks for taking out time to read and if its any topics that you would like me to speak on let me know.


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